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Dr. Babu Zachariah, M.D. belongs to KAVILAI VEETTIL family, an ancient aristocratic Christian family of Thiruvalla, Kerala, India. Their ancestors were, the Brahmin Christians, who came from Kuravillangad Pakalomattam Pally Vadakkedam, during beginning of 15th century. They were called to purify the pooja materials and other commodities. Since early Christians are converted from among the Brahmins – the priest hood of Hindus, it was believed that the Christians have an inherent of sacred power of St. Thomas, the Apostle of India, and all materials happened to be impure would magically become pure by the touching of a Christian.
Therefore a member from pakalomattam family was invited by Pazhayidathu madathil potti, one of the powerful Nambuthiri family among the pathillathu potties at sreevallabhapuram (THIRUVALLA). They built a house inside the ‘Kavu’ near Kavumbhagam temple and settled down there. The house was known as KAVILAI VEETTIL means the House Inside the 'KAVU'. Kavilae veedu is considered the FIRST CHIRSTIAN HOUSE at THIRUVALLA.
These facts are depicted not only in the Kavilai veettil kudumaba yogam, but also exists in Pala Kattakkayam kudumab yogam, Thumbamon Vadakkedathu Shagha and Pakalomattam maha kudumba yogam(

In 19 th century, POTHA was the leader of the one of the Kavilae Veedu at Thiruvalla. His successor PERUMAL took initiative to re-build the THIRUVALLA PALIAKKA PALLY (Church) that was destroyed by miscreants. His close Contact with temple authorities and royal families enabled him to arrange wood and other materials for the re-construction of the Paliakkara church (St. George Jacobite church). His successor POTHA had two sons PHILIPOSE and EYPE. Both are true religious, strong and dedicated devotees in Christian faith with strict adherence of fasting and prayer in all prescribed hours of the day.

Younger brother EYPE resided at Kavumbhagam and the local people counted timings hearing his enchanting rhythmic prayer. PHILIPOSE, the elder brother settled at Muttenparampil in between Kavumbhagam and Paliakkara church. He took keen interest in church and social activities. He cured the ailments of peoples by praying and giving pure water with out giving any medicine. He give 4 stones to be installed at 4 corners of the compound and it was believed that these stones will prevent the ill effect of Satan/ Super human powers.

PHILIPOSE had 6 sons and 4 daughters. The sons are Potha, Eype, Varghese, Mathai, Zachariah and Thomas. His 5 th son is the late K. P. ZACHARIAH who was an Accountant of the National Quilon Bank. Due to the political intervention the Bank was closed down and he joined as Branch Manager in a Private establishment.

Mrs. & Mr. K. P. Zachariah with elder daughter, 1938
Mrs. & Mr. K. P. Zachariah with elder daughter, 1938
His Wife Kunjamma (Mary) belongs to a prestigious family Parambil Puthenpurayil, Thiruvalla and the daughter of Vidwan M. Varghese, who was a famous Malayalam Poet. His literature works were not preserved properly. His poem (Ghnda Kavyam) only is available NIZHALIL KURISU (In the Shadow of Cross) which was edited by his son Prof. Thomas P. Varghese, a former senior Professor of Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla.

Mrs. and Mr. K .P. Zachariah has 2 sons and 3 daughters. The younger son is Dr. Babu Zachariah (Rajan Babu), the owner of this web site and he has maintaining a house, Kavilai Veettil at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

His elder brother Joy Zacharia is residing at Kavilai Veettil, Kuruppampady, Ernakulam Dist. , who retired as Assistant General Manager (HMT LTD, Kerala) and his wife prof. Susan Joy, Retd. from Mar Athanasious College Kothamangalam and she is the daughter of freedom fighter and Rtd. Head master Thanelimalil M. Varkey, Ex. M.L.A. ( Visit:

They have 2 daughters, Leena & Jeena both are Engineers and they are married to two Engineers M/S Mathews George, Muppathiyil, Muvattupuzha and Viju Rajan John, Ponvanibham, Kayamkulam respectively.

His three sisters are

  • (Late) Accamma, married to Mr. M. Thomas, Peedikayil Puthenpura, Adoor.
  • Susamma to the late Mr. K. K. Abraham, Monekkattu Prathyasa, Irringole.
  • Gracykutty to Mr. P. A. Raju, Adimuriyil Mini Cottage, Pathanamthitta.

K.P. Zachariah and Kunjamma Zachariah expired in 1981 and 2003 respectively and were buried at Kuruppampady, St Mary’s jacobite Syrian Church, in the Kavilai Veettil family tomb.

Kavilae Veettile family tomb at St Mary’s jacobite Syrian Church, Kuruppampady, Ernakulam Dist, Kerala.
Kavilai Veettil family tomb at St Mary’s jacobite Syrian Church, Kuruppampady, Ernakulam Dist, Kerala.
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